Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Adelaide Bicycle Helmet Trial Date

I ❤ Adelaide
- Had standard conference with Magistrate & Police Prosecutor in Adelaide Magistrates Court this morning via telephone (✔)

- Totally agreed with police statements - rider riding bicycle without helmet ()

- Homework given - read Tkachenko v Police [2012] SASC (11 May 2012) (✔)

- New trial date set Monday 17th July 2017, 09:30am sharp, Adelaide Magistrates Court, Adelaide (✔)

Note to self:
- Book flights

- Book hotel 

- Fine tune defence


  1. Hello Sue, I thought the first cartoon in this blog from a British expat in the Netherlands was funny:

    I'm sad and furious about the death of the bomb-detection dog. A service dog! And what a dear face.

    1. Thanks, Lagatta, for the link!

      And likewise re poor little Grizz, the bomb-detection-pup, I am sad and furious too - state sanctioned use of guns at an international airport to destroy a terrified little 'baby' - just beggars belief - and yes what a dear face. So very unnecessary ... sigh