Sunday, March 19, 2017

Helmet optional ride removes barriers to cycling

What a day!
 More hats
And even a pre-protest fine!
 From Green Park Cafe to Abbottsford, 100 protestors took to the streets and cycleways to make the point that:

... Australia's mandatory bicycle helmet law is a bad law and needs removing pronto. 
The protestors chose for themselves whether to don helmets or not, and safely made it to their designated destination for lunch and a chance to explain to Channel Nine why any barriers to cycling were a bad idea and why the rest of the world thinks we're nuts.
Notwithstanding having been fully informed of the protestors intentions, the police were not evident at any part of the protest ride. Protestors and organisers found this lack of police interest most heartening, although one unfortunate protestor did score a penalty infringement notice prior to the protest ride.

Protestors came from far and wide including one from the Gold Coast and one (yours truly) from the Hunter Valley.

And so it was that a peaceful protest on an idyllic autumn day in an idyllic Australian city showcased how marvellous cycling could be in this confused nation of ours if we only got rid of mandatory helmet laws.

It's time, Australian politicians, it's time ...

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