Tuesday, December 1, 2015

There is no Planet B - from the London Climate March

Armed and ready to go, we joined 600,000 people on global streets last Sunday to tell our leaders that enough is enough and that we won't continue any longer with 'business as usual'

In London 50,000 people marched with us, and there were plenty of inspiring 'clarion calls' and 'memes' for us all to note right now [see some in the italics below]

'The whole world is watching you' [from Greenpeace]

'Keep coal in the hole and oil in the soil' [from The Guardian]

And this is why we're fighting and taking to the streets; our world's children ... we must must think of their futures and of their children's futures too

Sisters-in-arms .. inspiring chums

'Badger' above is right


'Do something, global leaders' [from Children Against Climate Change]


'This climate crisis has names and addresses' [from Friends of the Earth]

Awwwwwwwwww - support from all quarters

'Land of the buck ($$$)
'Which don't give a fuck
'We have to wake up!' [from Kate Tempest, unblievable rapper poet]

'How brave to pass on the buck (blame) to the unborn' [from Charlotte Church]

'There ... Is ... No ... PlanetB,
'ThereIsNoPlanetB' [from the crowd and a drummer]

'David Cameron is taking a wrecking ball to environmental policy' [from Caroline Lucas MP]

And added to the climate change violence, Cameron has an unconscionable plan to murder Syrians - how can he contemplate such madness?

There is much to be done and we can no longer turn our heads away and pretend that there isn't.

So wake up, global leaders, and sort out something useful in Paris ...

... and ...



  1. Hi Sue, are you up in London? My friends in Paris are very dismayed about the ban on peaceful climate protests - while Saudi officials who hmm, at least advocate the type of religious extremism the Daesh b*stards acted upon get a pass as usual because petroleum rules, eh?

    Here is an article from Le Devoir, the more "intellectual" Montréal daily, on moves to finally repeal the Australian helmet law:

    1. Yes I was, Lagatta!

      Back in Oz now ... and thanks for the link to the article in Le Devoir! Interesting to read about Kathy and her brush with the silly Australian law ... sigh!

      Such madness - will be interesting to see how it all pans out.