Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Contact the Premier of New South Wales - Ok ... done

Apparently Mike Baird is committed to establishing an open and accessible Government.

Apparently I can send the Premier questions, comments, concerns, well-wishes or requests, or by completing the form on his website.

So I did and here is the gist of what I filled out and submitted:

Outline of issues you wish to discuss
First I am no libertarian

I believe in regulations where they are required

I applaud current federal gun laws and plain packaging laws for cigarettes

Bicycle helmet law is flawed

Australia is one of the few countries that has bicycle helmet law and yet we are one of the most dangerous countries for cycling

Numbers for commuter cyclists have dwindled over the past 20 years and this has made the roads more dangerous for cyclists

Expert national and international academics are in dispute over the merits of helmet law

When the experts cannot agree there ought not to be a law requiring compulsion

Bicycle helmet law has criminalised cycling

I fear I will be served a custodial sentence before too long with my current conscientious objection

Cycling is a good activity for health, helps reduce traffic congestion, and is a non-polluting green mode of transport

I would like to discuss revocation of regulation 256 of the Road Rules

Such an action on the part of a politician would make them a leader in the climate change challenge

Details of prior discussions with Government Representatives
I have met with George Souris to discuss this issue on many occasions ... to no avail.

I and approximately 29 other people once delivered a petition to John Ajaka after we had cycled from Sydney Town Hall to Parliment House with a police escort.

On another occasion, myself and Dr Paul Martin (specialist anaesthetist, Brisbane) and Prof Chris Rissel (academic, University of Sydney), met with John Ajaka to discuss the bicycle helmet law issue. At this meeting we supplied him with relevant facts and evidence pertaining to the failure of bicycle helmet law. Nothing happened

Please meet me - I cannot buy your time, or donate, but I have lived in NSW for 33 years tomorrow.


So there you have it ... what do think the chances are that his press secretary (or whoever) will give me a bell and say:

"Mrs Abbott, when would be convenient with you? The Premier is dying to meet you!"


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  1. We are also attempting to meet/talk with relevant Government Ministers in Victoria for several months, with absolutely no response. Important 'stakeholders' are given every consideration but mere voters and taxpayers are treated with contempt. I believe persistence by Freestyle Cyclists will pay off but I am pretty disgusted at the lengths Government will go to, to avoid facing this issue. Good luck and don't give up .