Friday, October 2, 2015

George Street's disruption is uber-great

Even in Australia the sun is finally setting on the car industry ... and boy oh boy it can't come soon enough.

Next Monday there will be no more cars travelling along Sydney's George Street because we are about to get light rail!!! It's going to take months and months and lots and lots of heartache but there is an unfurling sentiment amongst some of our politicians that the 'demand for public transport' must be met.

And furthermore motorists have been warned in no uncertain terms that if they park illegally anywhere in the CBD their cars will be towed. Yes they've been spoken to like they were naughty cyclists!!!! This is tough stuff for our all-hallowed car-users; the city is starting to become off limits to them and not a minute before time.

Of course it's going to be chaos because all those buses that usually travel down George Street are going to be either cancelled ad infinitum or rerouted to another congested CBD street. But notwithstanding all of that, George Street is trying to grow up and become a street like a street in other 21st century liveable cities.

And you know what else all of this means don't you! ... cycling is going to come into its own, and nothing even Duncan Gay can dream up is going to stifle people using bicycles now.

This is the disruption we've been waiting for!

Won't it be good to see Big Oil's polluting urban oil project in Sydney pruned.

Big Oil has not been a team player, and as each day goes Big Oil by proves over and over again how it can not be trusted with our cities and/or our planet.

To put it in a nutshell Big Oil has 'reached the limit of fossil fuel development.'

And you know what else!

I'm absolutely convinced it's only going to be a matter of time before we witness either a sudden erasure of our seriously dumb mandatory bicycle helmet law or a quiet behind-the-scenes one.

But either way most of the politicians who wilfully commissioned the helmet debate twenty plus years ago in order to pass our dumb helmet regulations are just about 'pushing-up-daisies' or almost, and the 'boffins' (bahahahaha) from UNSW's paid oil lobby are rapidly disappearing too into the swamps of their own self-created peripherality.

Yes sadly over the past two decades, they have wasted millions of our dollars on their futile 'studies' trying to prove helmet law is necessary, and yes that really sucks, but surely none of the rubbish that passed for law-shoring-up-research will wash any longer as we take to our bicycles in droves.

Our government's inaction, abetted by lazy Australian investigation, has been a danger to our society but ... there is a change in the air, and the likes of Duncan and Tony and Big Oil lovers from UNSW are so very yesterday and so very passés.

Au revoir and good riddance ...



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  2. gosh i hope you're right, Sue!

  3. Wonderful news, and what a pretty view!

    Here is a cartoon story about "The Dinner Party" featuring Harper, the infamous Ford family of Toronto and Lizard of Oz Lynton Crosby who had been advising Harper on how to spin the election:

    And yes, everthing in it stinks of dirty tarsands oil.

    Happy springtime!

    1. Depressing stuff, Lagatta!!! Hope it works out the right way for the planet - good luck with the voting!

    2. Well, I'd have preferred the NDP (social-democrats) and a stronger showing by the Green party, in BC above all, and a minority government, but the Liberals aren't ideologically bent on planetary destruction as the Harperites are. We should keep in mind that though they are less ideological, they are still a pro-business party, and known for "campaigning left and governing right.

      Still, as with his austral twin Tony Abbott, it is good to see the back of Harper. As in Australia, the dreadful treatment of the Aboriginal peoples is another mark of shame that must be put right.