Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oz's sine qua non: bicycle helmet law

I am missing the bicycles in Milano, Italia, and wishing I was still there.

Far away from these snapshots' lovely cycling paradigm, I am enveloped in a shroud of Australian ignorance which can be largely attributed to failure ...

... on the part of the Australian media.

Yes the Australian media, which along with Australian politicians and Australian helmeteer-academics, has no idea what they are talking about when they pontificate on helmets and the law.

Neither are they too bothered by truth, and they seem to enjoy pillorying those who choose not to wear helmets or just plain avoid the big H-WORD full stop ... pathetic.

The Australian media operates as stenographers for helmet promoters ...

... paving the way for helmeteers to mould Australians to think that helmet laws made them (Australians) safer.

In a nutshell, legitimate scientific debate on mandatory helmet laws is stifled by corporate intimidation ...

... and a willing Australian media cheering them on.

Admittedly, some are trying to make amends now ...

... but maybe it's a bit late now, duckie!

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