Friday, July 3, 2015

Commuting à la Paris ... clearly NOT Sydney

I'm home and hating it ... sigh

Back to cousin Tony (joke ...I'm Sue 'no-relation-to-tony' Abbott)

Back to our shameful treatment of asylum seekers

Back to the government's new Border Force clowns & attempted muffling of whistleblowers

Back to Senator Abetz ... groan

Back to the Great Barrier Reef catastrophe

Back to my pending court cases ...

... one next week in Adelaide

... one next month in Scone

Back to dumb-arsed helmet law

... and back to the even dumber-arsed Bicycle Network

... which has the hide to pretend its in the business of 'bicycle advocacy' ... what a joke!

But I am looking forward to the 'Bicycle Protest Ride' in Adelaide on Sunday afternoon (July 5, 2015) starting at 2:30pm from Elder Park with my comrades in wheels and no helmets.

To the barricades!

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