Sunday, June 29, 2014

South Australia Police keeping South Australia safe by prosecuting me

(Me & offending brompton, Adelaide Airport, South Australia)

So my 'darling-one-back-in-Australia' has informed me that an 'Expiation Notice' (?) along with a letter addressed to me from the South Australia Police has landed on our doorstep (ok, in our letterbox at the top of the drive).

Laid out in the letter is an explanation of the total fine amount:

$$$ $93 - for helmet fine
$$$ $60 - for victims of crime levy (what victim?)

Grand Total: $153

The letter also explains that payment of the 'Expiation Notice' will complete the matter (well that's not going to happen!)

So as per normal, I quickly scan the 'emailed-through-letter' for the section where it mentions:

'... should you wish to elect to be prosecuted for this offence, fill out the section ... blah blah blah ... and return it to the Expiation Notice Branch' ... (there's a special 'branch' for this shit?! ... sigh)

And so here I go again, filling out 'election-to-be-prosecuted-forms' all in the name of health and safety when we still allow people to drive cars and carry passengers (even babies), and still send people off to fight and kill all round the world ...

Health and safety, my arse! ...

... bicycle helmet law and bicycle helmet promotion amounts to nothing more than a cynical case of greedy corporatocracy, wasting the Australian public's time and money.


Shame on you, Australian Legislators.


  1. they should spend some of that on bike infra - save on road-related crime!

  2. I have read about someone who has been through this. Riding without a helmet, Expiation notice, magistrate court, Supreme Court of SA, High Court of Australia.

    It turns out that victims of crime levy is impossible to get rid of. So it is better to pay it _before_ magistrate court, or it will be raised from $60 up to $160.

    Unless you prove that you were riding in a bicycle helmet (not going to happen) or not riding at all (walking and pulling bicycle along), you are guilty of riding bicycle without a helmet, breaking the law. So you are guilty, and magistrate court has to convict you.

    Supreme Court of SA may remove/cancel the conviction. And, in the best case, you will not have to spend that much on the litigation.

    High Court of Australia did not help. Australian Constitution does not include a Bill of Rights, correct? Hence, you cannot get them to undo this injustice. Go to your Member of Parliament.

  3. The same thing happened to me in SA a few weeks ago.

    I laughed out loud when the cop told me about the "victims of crime" levy. He'd just finished telling me how the law was protecting me. So doesn't that mean I'm the victim and they should be giving me back the $60?