Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guilty as charged - Australian bicycle helmet criminal

(Parked outside the Downing Centre, Sydney)

Bicycle helmet appeal dismissed yesterday in the New South Wales District Court (Downing Centre, Sydney); conviction not quashed meaning I remain a bicycle helmet criminal.

I feel 'junked' by the entire Australian system and wonder who do I now turn to when politicians, courts and even mainstream media refuse to countenance any petition for a redress of 'bicycle helmet law' grievance?

I feel completely exhausted and am dreading next week's imminent return to the Local Court (Downing Centre) for yet another bicycle helmet matter.

This is one hell of a bad 'Groundhog Day.'

More detail to follow.


  1. Perhaps you can claim refugee status in the Netherlands?

    Seriously, I'm really sorry that they are putting you through this crap.

    1. Thanks, Lagatta, it's just such a shame we (Australians) refuse to be informed about the rest of the world's cycling best practice. We resolutely stick to our dogma and will not be shifted.

      ... wonder if the Netherlands would have me?

  2. Stupid result Sue, but it's probably because the law was senseless in the first place. Your real crime is heresy and I suppose we should be thankful that the penalties for this crime are not what they use to be.
    I'm sorry you're feeling low although it is not surprising under the circumstances. I there is anything I can do please contact me. Freestyle cyclists are continuing to work away at this issue in any way we can and would love to get together with you and work out what you would like to try next.
    Just know that you have many supporters who are equally frustrated with this situation and who also admire your courage and dedication .
    I believe you will win in the end . I still can't foresee how this will happen.

    1. Thanks, Kathy, it's good to hear you and Freestyle Cyclists are so supportive .. I am busting to get down to Melbourne to see you all! Hopefully very soon