Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reason #279 for not wearing a helmet: ITS TOO DARN HOT

(Image: David Abbott, Night on the town, Newcastle, NSW)

So I'm back, it's hot, we still have bicycle helmet laws and that still sucks.

Furthermore my appeal in the District Court will be heard in less than 3 weeks and then after that, in only a matter of days, I'm to front up again for another 'Defended Hearing'!

And on top of all of that Tony Abbott is still Prime Minister, and over-seeing the most shameful of schemes ...

... and the AEC want to know why I didn't vote!

Massive Australian SIGH from me.


  1. Hi Sue, and welcome home. Our PM is just as vile as yours, as you know.

    Not about helmets, or compulsory voting, but another example of Big Brother in our lives. Have you read about this Canadian study?

    Happy cycling, and fight the power!

    1. Thanks, Lagatta! I have read a lot about mammography screening both here in Australia and in Europe, and surprisingly heard about the Canadian study on my Australian transistor this afternoon. I've never been convinced by universal mammography and blogged about it here one time.

    2. Yes, that is why I sent you the link.

    3. Thank you - radios across Australia are buzzing re Canadian study and professors are being trotted out left right and centre - I meanwhile will continue with my informed refusal as I'd like to do with my 'using-a-bicycle-headwear' decision!!!

  2. Media going batshit up here. I just heard, verbatim, that women are "more affected by compelling stories that a (mammogram) saved one's life than by statistical studies"... Hmm, this reminds us of some other scare stories we know all too well.

    1. Madness ... I have a dear friend who is horrified I've not gone down the 'mammography' pathway, and often says to me to aruge her case, 'if it saves one life it's worth it'!!!

      Could there be a sillier theory to dictate public policy but that is the way it's often conducted and you can just hear the commercial lobby groups rubbing their hands with glee in the background - after all a lot of people stand to benefit by terrifying women into universal screening after they've reached a 'certain age'

      Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Sugar, Big Alcohol, Big Helma ... and now Big Booba ... sigh

  3. Oh no!! not evidence...

    'In conclusion, cycling in a hot environment was not significantly affected by wearing a commercially available helmet, with the exception of scalp temperature. ''


    seamus gardiner

    1. Hello Seamus,

      The disclosed 'paucity-of-data-suggests-that-further-research-needs-to-be-carried-out-as-these-recent-studies-used-subjects-who-were-well-acclimatied-to-hot-weather' factor throws a shadow over your premise ...

      It's still too darn hot in a sweaty plastic helmet at 40+ degrees!


    2. Yep...The research was conducted to measure core body temperature. Acclimatisation is hardly germane to the topic, unless you're an athlete training or racing.

      All the research shows is that a helmet does not potentiate heat illness (over no helmet0 in trained individuals. It does nothing to state thta helmets are comfortable or otherwise.

      personally, cycling in 40+ temperatures is uncomfortable whatever I wear I have a well ventilated helmet that is better than the alternative (a hat). Unfortunately, due to the dangers of UV radiation in Australia, headwear of some description is prudent; particularly as I do not have a resplendent shock of hair.

      In fact, on that: my helmet weighs 225g irrespective of being wet or dry. I wonder how much a resplendent shock of hair would weigh, or it's circumference compared to a bald head.... I just remember reading somewhere about how helmets were incredibly dangerous because of their added weight and circumference. i wonder where i read that?

      Perhaps the best option for helmetless commuting cyclists would be to shave heads to reduce weight, drag on the road and circumference.

      Tongue in cheek,