Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Australian Electoral Commission accepts my reasons for not voting as 'VALID & SUFFICIENT'

(Getting around Tokyo unencumbered by Australian helmet law)

Further to the matter of me not voting at the last General Election for all the reasons I outlaid here, I received a letter this week from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in which it was stated that they (the AEC) considered my reasons to be 'valid and sufficient.'

As a result the AEC proposes 'to take no further action in this matter.'

So if in this instance my reasons for breaking Australian law are considered by a relevant government body to be 'valid and sufficient' why have they not been in 'matters helmet' when to all intents and purposes Australian courts have accepted that my arguments are reasonable and valid and going a long way to explain why I choose to ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet?

If the AEC has the power to judge and decide questions of law occasionally accommodating law-breaking in favour of the law-breaker, why can't Australian courts?

Is it the $$$$$$ involved?

Are the stakes higher?

And/or is it that voting is just an utterly irrelevant, little red-herring game played by the masses to keep us busy and deluded?

So much to sigh about ...

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  1. Congratulations Sue!!! Great concept to fight the 'power' (of addiction to money, that is) !

    We are getting more media for our cause even the SBS Cycling show deigned the helmet debate 5 minutes of airtime!

    Good luck with the court next week!

    Jamie K

  2. Thanks, Jamie!

    ... and that's great re SBS Cycling show ... slow and steady wins the race!!!

  3. That is odd, isn't it? Some functionary can apparently waive a legal requirement to vote at her discretion, but letting a helmet infraction drop is too serious to do so? I suppose it is more embarrassing for the authorities to have scoff-law cyclists roaming around lidless than scoff-law voters, because the latter cannot be identified at a glance. Or maybe it is more that they don't really care if we vote, because a disenfranchised population (and one that has been frightened into submission by the safety nazis) is more easily ruled with an iron hand.

    Sad times.