Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wilfully stupid - Australian politicians

So glad I'm here in dear old Blighty ...

... eating Bakewell Tarts

... admiring Raleigh bikes

... observing bicycle clips

... viewing British Minsters (Southwell) & British Sugar (Newark)

Yes here in England, and not ... not in Australia ...

... listening to douche-bag politicians witter on about the perils of relaxing helmet laws in Queensland.

Oh fuckety fuck ... Australia, you do my head in sometimes. Just repeal the daft law and get on with it!


  1. And obviously that isn't the only thing they are wilfully stupid about! They are as douche-baggy as the Canadian Tories about climate change, and refugee issues. I'm glad you are having such a lovely visit. Did you buy a tart?

    My black Raleigh is a mixte, so not quite the same as the one in your photo.