Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Peak District: is there anywhere more beautiful?

If there's a god, she's definitely from the Peak District ...

What a place ... unbelievably ... breathtakingly ... beautiful ...

I can't get enough of it,

... and every spare minute I have I find myseld racing up there,

... to walk and explore,

... to think and to breathe,

... and all this can be achieved without the attendant pleasure of CCTV! (Sorry, GCHQ & NSA guys, you just can't watch me eating my cheese and tomato sarnie when I'm here! ... or can you? hmmmm)

And whilst I've been travelling to and from the heavenly Peaks, Radio 4 has been dishing-up many conversations on cycling and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and women.

But what really gets my goat is how all these cosy little chats are blatantly underpinned by an outrageous dose of helmet promotion ... in fact I am witnessing here in the UK the very same aggressive marketing tactics that were utilised in Australia 20 years ago, namely brainwashing of the media so they turn into a permanently ready cheer-leadering' squad for helmet compulsion ... sigh.

Doesn't the UK realise Australian cycling has all but gone out of the window for women.?

And that helmet laws follow helmet promotion in close succession?

And that with helmet laws, people like me are criminalised for a normal everyday activity which ought to remain a health issue rather than a criminal one.

Who wants a criminal conviction for riding a bicycle without a helmet?

Essentially, we should be copying 'all-things-bicycle-Dutch-&-Danish' and then we might finally get it right for women and children.

But back to moors and mountains, in some hilly spots around the world they put their babies on sledges; in the Peak District they put them on edges ...

... sans hi-vis vests, sans helmets.

I ♥ the Peak District!

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  1. Getting it right for children and women will also get it right for the 99% of men who don't ride now. And you're spot on about the UK's helmet discussion leading to helmet promotion leading to MHL. They should really take heed. If they think cycling in Britain is bad now then they ain't seen nuthin' yet.