Thursday, August 1, 2013

'The Conversation' dribbles with excitement at thought of MHLs in UK

(Images: Amsterdamize, Flickr "PS 'helmut' is not a typo, but slang for plastic placebo")

La la la - fingers in eyes, not reading...

...seriously, Britain, don't read The Conversation and don't listen to the latest roll-over by the BMA!

Surely the entire membership base of UK doctors hasn't done a complete turn about too on their prior admirable position?!

I feel I should send a word of warning...

Word of warning; remember that we, Australians, have been the guinea-pigs in an in-depth global observational case study and as such no-one in the world can fail but notice what an unmitigated disaster this legislation has been in terms of public health, traffic congestion, the environment, and unnecessary policing.

In all honesty, no community on this planet can afford the huge drain that bicycle helmet laws have on the public purse. We certainly never could and we still cannot.

So, to all UK doctors as you face the siege of helmet promotion, stay strong, be sceptical, say 'NO' to helmet pushers, and a massive 'NO' to the oil lobby, whose interests it's in to see mandatory helmet laws enacted.


  1. Oh dear. Meanwhile, a typical young woman here getting about on a Bixi: Oh, there are too many helmets (on slow, urban cyclists) here as well, but at least it isn't an imposition and they are still in the minority.

    I'm jealous of your mild winters (as you can see, it was a bit chilly for summer here when this photo was taken) but not of the male-and-lycra skewed cycling culture your repressive law has encouraged.

    1. UK will experience bicycle repression & paternalism if helmet pushers can get British doctors to succumb

      - clearly the schmoozing has well and truly started