Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sydney Airport Duty Free Scam

So BN1 headed back to Canada this morning, bought gin for his GF, and promptly had it confiscated as he 'transited' in Auckland.

Now Sydney Airport would have known his intended itinerary because of their obsessive need to see a boarding pass in conjunction with any duty free purchase.

Why didn't they mention the foreseeable confiscation to him?

How can the ACCC be happy with such practice?

Or is the airport absolved from Australian Consumer Law responsiblities as well as ATO ones.

Seems very anti-consumer to fact downright fact quite a racket

Shame on you, Sydney Airport

1 comment:

  1. Helloooo, bad luck at Sydney airport.
    We're about to fly to Seattle and reading The Baggage Rules it appears that no amount of any fluid above 100ml is permitted in your carry-on - you have to bag it in your checked luggage - if you have any of course.
    A trap for the unwary…