Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tertiary & self education up shit creek without a paddle

There goes your education if you ever had one in the first place!

Not content with ripping into the university budget to pay for the new National Improvement for School Plan (renamed according to Peter Hartcher after David Gonski's public statement disowning PM's neutered version), the government (sector of community who largely received university education for free) has now decided to add self education and professional development expenses to their pruning-list .

Given that Big Oil and Big Coal rule the Australian economy, petrol and mega-tonka truck expenses are still fair dinkum but Big Brainy Box and Big Bunsen Burner just haven't got a foot in yet with Big Gov so we've now been told we can forget about intellectual and continuing professional development expenses if they're our bag.

So after a quick squiz at Treasury Press Release here's the thing ...we're to be educated to year 10 or 12 but after that, buddies, we're on our own...

Yes we'll be proficient in reading manuals and yes we'll be able to follow instructions and probably we'll get the drift with OH&S policies but any attempt at freeing our minds with a view to forming our own views removed from that of any authority's....well, we'll just have to forget that!!

...oh and another thing, as always the rural & remote areas will cop it the most severely.

'A pox on both their houses'...fancy tertiary and further education being so poorly rated by both this government and the oppostion (who are currently just squibbly accepting funding-slashing as  convenient done-deal) - how can we be the best teachers, scientists, defence counsel, neuro-surgeons, midwives, photographers, journalists, linguists, politicians even, if the necessary learning after school isn't supported?

OK, enough's enough, that's it, Labour..I can't go any further with you - seriously, I've had it with you guys...I'm off...and I'm taking my vote with me

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