Friday, January 13, 2012

Send in the "Stooges"

And so it was that in the first month of the year two thousand and twelve, the nation of "Petrodollars" issued a missive to it's various ambassadors & embassies around the world to 'talk tough' about those who wish to preserve the planet and to ensure that those 'planet-preservers' were portrayed as murky guerrilla-cells (some of whom receive their funding from shady foreign entities!).

Those of us in mere "Mortal-land" could only read on and marvel at the chutzpah of this latest comical hype!

- how incredibly:

$$$ predictable

$$$ coordinated

$$$ revealing

But contrary to Petrodollar's world view and its place in it, many global citizens expect to be engaged in the care of our planet and if that means taking-on the citizens of Petrodollars and their disingenuous stooges, they ought not to be surprised!!!!

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