Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have vest will bully

What is it about fluro vests & intimidation?

Over the past few years it has become painfully apparent that once someone is ensconced inside one they assume a mantle of power and then somewhat ridiculously feel emboldened to boss folk around!

First I want to know: when did we become so used to this 'high-vis-vest-bullying'?


Secondly I want to know: why do we put up with it?


  1. Bonne année à toute la famille, plein de bonheur et de bonne santé !!! J'espère que tout va bien ... À très vite en Suisse, gros bisous, Ingrid

  2. ...à toi aussi, Ingrid! - viens à Chamonix avec nous - David et James seront là - nous allons avoir un lit pour toi!!! Nous serons là de 16 janvier à 28 janvier!!! - viennent, s'il te plaît!! - gros bisous xx

  3. A poor mans badge.

    Regards, Jason (formerly of Tassie)

  4. I make a minimal wage, passed both an IQ and EQ test (by having a minimal score on both) and my mother dresses me funny; you will respect my authoritay!

    There's little that can be done about it except to convince a super majority that they just aren't going to put with this sort of shit, but the super majority seems more inclined to take the "Thank you, sir. May I have some more?" position.

    I don't get it, but there it is.

  5. You're both right - and it's depressing - what's to be done to 're-condition the 'super majority' back to a 'grown-up-in-charge-of-your-own-life' position?