Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh! the irony - car club wins bike share contract

Isn't this similar to the fox looking after the chickens?

...and how breezily the helmet issue is airbrushed into a little mention: "while regular users will be encouraged to use their own helmets, operators are yet to decide whether it will make helmets available" - really? This smacks of bureaucratic 'community consultation', flag-waving, and 'look-we-gave-it-our best-shot-but-it-was-always-going-to-fail' - how disappointing

How can a club of motorists possibly have the interests of cyclists (and the environment) 'at heart'?

PS: btw, following on from Monday's appearance in court, my appeal is set down for the District Court sittings starting next February 2010


  1. I understand that the Melbourne system will be based on the Bixi system in Montreal. What I don't understand is how casual, grab-a-bike-and-go cycling from point-to-point is remotely compatible with mandatory helmets. What about tourists, for instance?

  2. Thank you for your comment, and your observation is correct - the bike-share isn't 'remotely compatible' with helmets and tourists will definitely suffer!

    The mindset here is ridiculous, and our municipal leaders' committment to daft regulations makes me want to weep - evidence collected and collated from around the world clearly points to dumping our mandatory helmet laws but here in Australia we would prefer to subscribe to anecdotal 'a helmet saved my life' stories!!

    Madness - we're a bunch of nutters (and fat ones at that, doomed to eat ourselves into early graves according to the latest health studies in Australia!!)