Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's almost official that Australia hates cyclists!

We can only be grateful that Mr Scully was invited to leave NSW state politics in 2006 - it was not a minute too soon ("Cyclists do not have the same rights as motorists on roads," November 11, 2009)


  1. This attitude is not uncommon and the cause of some motorists to intimidate cyclists. It will be a sad day if Ex Minister Scully's view becomes law.
    Time to start riding all roads, but with care and within the law( mostly)

  2. thanks, bud! - of course the bicycle organisations of australia should be seething with his comments...but as far as i can make out, they remain deafeningly quiet - shame

  3. I saw the SMH version of this story linked to in the blog (Oregon) and was really upset. I lived in Sydney and cycled for three years and loved it. It was a great way to get around a great city. I rarely felt it was any more dangerous or hostile than famously cycle friendly Seattle.

    It saddens me that this intolerant and environmentally ruinous position gets any traction at all, much less placement in the countries major newspapers.

    Rather than restrict cyclists to a ghetto of cycle paths, how about we restrict assholes to the motorways and the rest of us can simply avoid them. L plates, P plates and A plates - it's a scheme that could work.

    Keep up the good work - I love your blog and the movie about you - I'm wearing a helmet, but you rock!

    JAT in Seattle