Monday, June 10, 2013

Velo-City 2013 - the 'Pre-s' & so far STUNNING

Family time anywhere else but Australia


Normality rules

Velo-City13 Conference Venue

Delegates spotted on their bikes

Aaaah the lucky little kiddies

One of thousands of Mozarts

Sunbaking, bikes et al

Gorgeous guys &...

Gorgeous gals

Heheheheheheheh - ha! ha! ha! ha! - mwah ha! ha! ha!
heheheheheheh HA! HA! HA! HA! - omg i feel sick hehehehehe! (odds on aussies, anyone?!!!)

But meanwhile elsewhere, sanity prevails

Eat your heart out, Sydney

Smoko, Viennese style

Sacha torte (note to self, steady as she goes, girl!!!)

BN4 avec nous!!!!!

Take 5 on the Danube Canal


  1. Was loving the pictures of the bikes and trams and then I saw the segways. My god, what a way to advertise yourself as a complete pillock!

  2. I'd say Aussies or Americans...

    Lovely pictures. Oh, the young dark-haired man in the yellow shorts... What a dirty old lady I am...

    Have a wonderful conference!