Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Velo-City 2013 - it's all happening...& it hasn't even started

Velo-City 2013 - bikes galore

Inner city Vienna

Father & child

Mother with father & child above

Gorgeous gal #3,458


Viennese glass house at Hofberg

Fruit option today (in strudel format!)

Cycling for anyone

Music on the Danube Canal

Canal art

"Take-5" underneath the arches

Canal art

Half a car is better than a whole one

Bikes with grunge

Bikes with silk voile

Bikes with baskets

Bikes with hoodies

Bikes with mobiles

Party-time aka Danube Canal style and...

Beach-time aka Danube canal...

...and all of this means inspiration in Vienna


  1. Hi Sue,

    Pouring rain here in Montréal, like in Mitteleuropa before you brought the Oz sunshine.

    I saw this http://www.ecf.com/news/3-things-i-want-to-learn-from-velo-city-vienna-the-australian-perspective/ at the ECF website, though Mr Haag does not seem to be challenging your draconian helmet legislation. Fortunately a commenter has already mentioned that stick in your wheels!

    Those photos are so lovely. Vienna Cycle Chic also features cyclists in much colder weather!

    Enjoy your Strudel or Sachertorte and enjoy working it off pleasantly on yer bike. I'd love to be in one of those historic cafés (though I live in the old Italian district here so I can get fine coffee here for half the prices at the international chains...).

    1. Thanks for the link, Lagatta, I've left a message, and re strudels and sachertortes, I'm enjoying them way too much!!!

      Will write up about the interviewees over the next couple of days and put up the audio I did when I interviewed Mikael from Copenhagenize. Needless to mention he was brilliant but my audio taking skills leave a little to be desired!!!