Monday, April 6, 2020

So that’s that

Yours truly with gorgeous granddaughter
The second half of March 2020 has been like a whole decade and now here we are in April.

To keep you up to speed with my matters helmet, which right now seem so incredibly pointless, I attended Scone Local Court on Thursday 19th March 2020.

However because of all the new social distancing measures in place as a result of covid19, none of us (apart from lawyers, police and magistrate) were allowed into the courtroom.

I did actually have a lawyer this time, so he was permitted to step into court, and from what he has told me I understand that my matter of riding a bicycle without a helmet was withdrawn and dismissed.

So there we have it!

And with the lovely weather we're having right now in the Upper Hunter, I'll be back on my bike (my most favourite of wheels) in next to no time!

... and needless to mention, minus the helmet!

Oop la here we go again no doubt!


  1. Funny how priorities change in times of strife.
    Great to see this image of a cargo bike/cart. I have one I am wanting to rebuild. So much fun for the kids.

    1. Yes our little granddaughter absolutely loves the Christiania!!! And yes you're right about priorities and times of strife! Good luck with the 'rebuild'!

  2. Well done you. You are a credit. Keep up the good work.