Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Protest in March court appearance in July - this is Australia

Obviously not Australia
And so it comes to pass that after our St Patrick's Day Freestyle Cyclist Protest Ride in Centennial Park, Sydney (2018), I have since been issued with a Court Attendance Notice and am to appear in Waverley Local Court later on this morning. This appearance will be a mention which essentially is a session for sorting out the magistrate's diary.

I intend to plead 'Not Guilty' of course, and when asked, as I'm sure I will be, what could possibly be my defence, I shall raise the environmental spectre of necessity.

I will keep you posted - off to bed now for some all important zzzzzzz

1 comment:

  1. You are a victim because police committed 5 crimes against you:
    1. Endangered your life.
    2. Violated your bodily integrity.
    3. Violated your right of autonomy over your own body.
    4. Discriminated you.
    5. Violated your right for protest.

    I wish I had known earlier your court date. I would have visited to give you support. Really hundreds of us should go to the courtroom at each helmet fine appeal. Only collaboration can win over sabotage of cycling.