Friday, September 22, 2017

Big Helma Big Oil ... this is Australia

Somebody else's photo on planetary catastrophe; meanwhile in Australia, politicians worry about plastic hats for cyclists

 Guilty as charged, of course, what did I expect really? Recent Adelaide outcome not different to any of the others ... sigh.

Grand total is now 7 convictions for the crime of riding a bicycle to the shops without a plastic hat, and that has taken up approximately 40 court appearances.

Essentially here in Australia we must not be active, we must keep polluting, we must keep killing Australian citizens with shocking air unfit to breathe that breaches even our own pathetic attempt at box ticking, we must keep wasting police and court resources, we must keep doffing our hats to Australian academics who never actually make the case for helmet law but still keep getting loaded opinions published by a sychophantic media who rarely follow the money ... sigh.

Grow up, Australia, bicycle helmet law perpetuates outrageous behaviour on the part of fossil fuel industries and their lobbyists (aka Australian politicians).

We have a rubbish public transport system, we have zero encouragement for active transport, we are a nation of tubbies, and we continue to send numerous Australian academics and Australian bureaucrats on paid-for junkets to transport symposiums and bicycle Velo-Cities held in lovely destinations all round the world.

And most galling of all, those very same policy geeks and mandarins, those earnest devotees of mandatory helmet laws in Australia so often at these wanky 'going-nowhere-proving-nothing events' throw 'Australian caution to the wind' and ride helmetless on provided complimentary bicycles.

All Australian politicians and bureaucrats suck period

... ok, most.


  1. Thanks for writing on this. It is a shock that a cyclist is charged because he did not wear a hat.Geelong Criminal Lawyers

  2. Good work Sue.
    Perhaps this network of interested parties can find some "hypocrisy buster" photos of said geeks, academics and pollies riding bikes without helmets? That would be very powerful ammo.

  3. Really Lily at GCL?
    Where have you been the last few years?

  4. This is truly bizarre. If there is so little real crime that the police have nothing better to do, then their budget should be cut accordingly.