Saturday, July 22, 2017

Waiting Game

Trephina Gorge, nr Alice Springs, Central Australia
(photo credit: Richard Abbott)

Last Monday seems months ago!

Adelaide, wet, cold, windy, off I headed to the Magistrates Court.

In defence of my unhelmeted cycling behaviour, I raised section 41BD (1)(a) of the Therapeutic Goods Act interspersed with the relevant table and columns from Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Order No.1 of 2011. I also mentioned bicycle helmet law was a law of oppression and privilege, and that there were very few middle-aged to elderly women like me on the roads anymore, cycling purely for transit purposes, and that Australia was the poorer for it.

And the result ...

... judgment has been reserved for two months so that the magistrate can read the entire 300 page Therapeutic Goods Act in addition to the material I raised.

Whatever the eventual outcome I feel quite uplifted because essentially I was heard, and am to be considered most carefully.

And now after a quick detour to the Outback, dry, cold, starry, I am heading home with my daughter's car and my beloved ... funtimes


  1. I was wondering how this case was going. Really eager to hear the outcome and hope it is a positive one for you, as that opens the door for plenty more of us in other states to use the same course as you have in the knowledge that it has a good chance of being heard.