Saturday, July 2, 2016

Let it be #ByeByeBarnaby

Screen capture: Barnaby Joyce, Sydney Morning Herald

Please please please, dear electorate of New England, let's not return this guy!

I mean what has Barnaby actually ever done for us? ... nothing!

And furthermore, what could Barnaby do for us? ... nothing!

We deserve better.

$$$ He pretends he is not committed to coal, yet will go along with any NSW state government decision to dig up Breeza and the Liverpool Plains

$$$ He is committed to coal seam gas and appears to have a perceived conflict of interest with regards to property he owns and a nearby coal seam gas exploration licence.

$$$ He is also committed to Live Animal Export in another perceived conflict of interest kind of a way nothwithstanding the recent revelations of that industry's terrible practices - he has no intention of shutting that shameful trade down.

Screen capture: The Three Fossils (my words), Scone Advocate

$$$ He is a pork-barreller and he is yet another politician to promise millions of dollars for a local bypass/overpass in Scone - politicians have been doing that in this town of mine ever since I first arrived here and I came to Scone in 1983. So thirty three years later we still don't have either, and as the coal industry inexorably grinds to a halt notwithstanding Barnaby and co doing their best King Canute routines, the need in Scone lessens exponentially for both.

$$$ He is incoherent .. and oh boy he is ... utterly offensive.

He's a dinosaur; he's a fossil; he's a National Party member; we can expect no more.

So let us remember when we're in that ballot box cubicle later on today that can do better, and that our children deserve a future, and if we elect Barnaby as our local representative, we can kiss that dream away.

Put the Liberals and Nationals last and VOTE 1 Tony Windsor!!!!

#PutLNPLast #VoteForSomeoneElse


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