Monday, June 20, 2016

Law of oppression and privilege continues to plague my life

Waiting to board my plane in Sydney which will carry me across this continent to the city of Adelaide for an appearance in the Adelaide Magistrates Court tomorrow.

After seven years of fighting, entailing at least 20 moments in various Australian courts, I'm wondering if we've made any inroads regarding our quest of getting rid of Australia's daft helmet laws.

Given that the rest of the world is cool with cycling without helmet law, it is no wonder that Australia is regarded as a deluded outlier in terms of transport other than private motor vehicles. We refuse to listen to international evidence and instead pedal our half-baked home grown academics' rubbishy studies on the urgent need for head protection law. It's all bunkum and those half-baked academics and our politicians know it.

Anyway I'll keep you posted with what happens in this never-ending Curial adventure of mine.

Chat soon!


  1. Good luck Sue.
    Would it surprise you to learn that Aviation regulation is in a similar state, layers of rubbish added to the law adding complexity and compliance costs for zero safety case.

  2. Thanks for the update Sue, I am so grateful for your efforts.
    Kia kaha!