Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Newcastle Court: Appeal dismissed

The Australian helmet road continues.
In a nutshell the judge said that she was not going to indulge me in my crusade to change the law from her court (or words to that effect).
That was the 'conviction' part of the appeal, and with the 'severity' part I decided to stick with what I'd been dished up at the court of first instance ... ('things could get worse,' I thought!)
And there we have it; criminal conviction no. 3 still stands and I'm no further along that fanciful road of riding a bicycle like the rest of the world than ever before.


  1. I feel a wellspring of impotent rage and a deepening sadness the more I read about your plight.

  2. Me too, Bernie. It's small comfort, but I feel Sue's injustice is steeling the resolve of others to resist these ridiculous laws. For that, I'm very very grateful.

  3. That pretty view is so sad. Nothing but cars, not a cyclist, nor a pedestrian, despite a beautiful day. I'd like to imagine cycling down that little hill with the wind in my hair (yes, I have good brakes). But no. Because of stupidity and a boneheaded carcentric mindset.