Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adelaide not Milano - such a trial

Unlike all these photos taken in Milan, I'm in Adelaide ...

... for a trial, later on today ...

... a trial for the wicked crime of riding a bicycle without a helmet

... because you see riding a bicycle without a helmet is forbidden in Australia

But maybe later on today, it won't be ...

BAHAHAHAHA ... oh ever the eternal optimist ... wish me luck, guys!



  1. Good luck with that. If you ever get a chance you should come up to Darwin and enjoy our helmet free cycle paths. It will give you a temporary reprieve from having to look over your shoulder for police all the time.
    It's just a regular part of life up here. Helmets are supposed to be used by adults when cycling on the road. (Not heavily enforced, but I wouldn't recommend going without one on our busy roads) Let me know if you get a chance to visit. I'll drag out a ladies bike for you