Sunday, September 7, 2014

And can your city do this?

(Image: Mike Rubbo's wonderful 2009 'Waltz of the Bikes, YouTube)

Oh, Amsterdam, no we certainly cannot ...

... not with the Right Honourable Mr Duncan Gay MLC at the helm of our roads ...sigh

... and many apologies for repeat posting this YouTube clip of Al Jazeera's interview with our Ridiculous Road Pooh-Bah ...

... it's just I want you to really really really get a handle on what we have to put up with Down Under.

Oh, Amsterdam ... sigh


  1. He feels "bullied" by people, cyclists, apparently saying "we want the freedom to kill ourselves"? Either he is completely stupid, or he has a vested interest in suppressing cycling as a mode of transport. Or both.

    1. Oh Fonant! I think he's both 100%!!! We are ruled in this state and country by complete numpties ... sigh

  2. Where did he go in Europe where most people choose to wear helmets? I've visited Switzerland, the Netherlands and France and barely saw anyone wearing one out of the vast number of cyclists riding on roads and bike paths.

    I can't believe how backwards our attitudes and priorities are. Disturbing.

    1. Yes, Anon, it is very very disturbing - we are so very backward in both our attitudes and priorities, and it only seems to get worse every day.