Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anywhere but Australia - Versailles

So here are the last of my HelmetLawFreeLand pictures from earlier this month as I now settle back into this HelmetLawLand of police letters, and notification of cancellation of expiation notices, and court matters coming to a court in Adelaide soon should the prosectution decided to prosecute me ... sigh

Arguably helmet promotion in Australia is nothing more than blatantly advertised product placement, placed for vested groups and individuals with undisclosed vested interests in our transport industry ...

... and we the Australian people have been taken for a bunch of bunnies ...

... we are a bunch of bunnies!

Notwithstanding the incessant non-evidence based claims that helmet law has single-handedly saved dozens of Australian lives by upto 80% (Oh My!), helmet law in Australia has actually not prevented bicycle accidents, or head injuries or deaths - no it has only prevented logic and common sense.

For the last two decades, the potential for bias in favour of helmet laws has manifested itself perennially by way of countless studies and conference papers and other academic rent-seeking manoeuvres. Right from the start there was an 'official outcome' that had to be proved and then maintained ... and proved and maintained it was ... nothing was going to get in the way of those vested interests and their stooges.

Inter alia it's also worth remembering that hundreds and thousands of tax payers dollars have been spent on Australia's quest to prove the desired politico/commercial outcome (that helmet law provides bicycle safety), and along the way any adverse findings or data that simply refused to prove the required politico/commercial safety hypothesis were simply disregarded. In fact demonising the ever-growing body of dissenting evidence that helmet laws save lives has been an industry in itself.

BUT the wrappers are gradually peeling off, and Australia's passion for oil and 'New Imperial Clothes' is on display for all the world to see - or more correctly for the rest of Australia to see because let's face it, the world has always known we were bonkers about this helmet-shit.

Oh fuckety fuck, here I am back in Oz ... home again home again jiggedy jig ...sigh


  1. Can't believe the idiotic crap coming out of this guy's mouth. With morons like this in power, no wonder cycling in Australia's dying a death. Keep fighting the good fight Sue.

  2. That Duncan Gay is amazing in his complete lack of ability to understand the issues! He's either completely incompetent, or he actually does want to completely abolish cycling in Australia.

    How does he think introducing licences for cyclists will help with the "1 metre" passing distance rule? It makes no sense at all - will he take a person's licence to cycle away when a car passes them too close? Is he aware that many countries have tried cycle licensing, and abolished the idea as being pointless but expensive?

    When asked about Australia being different to almost every other country in the world, he says "we might be the ones who are right" - how deluded can one person be?!?

    Quite astonishing.

  3. so the more abuse paid to cyclists the more abuse governments act towards cyclists. Thats a green light for cars to run over cyclists to get the government to remove cyclists off the road

  4. while car drivers abuse cyclists on the roads the only way to save your life on a bicycle on the roads in nz and Aus is to break the law - until the government make laws to protect cyclist, not like this fucker is trying, cyclists need to continue to break the appalling car based shit head laws being promoted by this fucker

  5. Replies
    1. Ha! Ha! ... but whilst he may reason with false arguments, no-one could call them clever!!!!

      in reality, it's all so depressing for Sydney ... sigh