Monday, April 28, 2014

NSW Trainlink or Countrylink or whatever - you're rubbish

(Screen captures: NSW Trainlink online booking)

Why, dear NSW Trainlink, was your economy fare today priced at $56, an amount more than the usual first class fare?

... and why, dear NSW Trainlink, is your economy fare priced back to the $39 mark this coming Friday (only four days later)?

What was so special about today?

And why, dear NSW Trainlink, is the fare for the inconvenient bus-run tomorrow (commissioned while our regular trains are held hostage for next 3 days to coal lobby) the same as the normal economy fare ($39) for train travel, unless of course you were travelling today when it was $56?

Are you kidding with that $56 economy fare when come Friday the economy fare will be back to $39?

Was there method in this pricing madness?

... and with regards to above snippet of Jake Saulwick's article in last Saturday's SMH, and the question that absolutely shouts to be answered by the minister of maps ... fucking why?

Honestly, why is train travel so hard in this country?

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