Thursday, December 5, 2013

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Give me Peaks, lots of Peaks under cloudy skies above, don't helmet me in ♪♫

Australia's interminable defence ...

... of its pathetic bike helmet laws ...

... could be considered ...

... a longwinded,

... and irrelevant

... fillibuster,

... which in and of itself has permitted ignorance

... to flourish alongside an ugly vigilantism

... whether cyclists are helmeted or not.

(Disclaimer: photographs included in this post bear no relevance to issue discussed, and could be considered a longwinded and irrelevant opportunity for continued raving on flourishing infatuation with the Peak District)


  1. Sue,
    You'll be astonished- I rode to work without a helmet on today.

    1. Go you, Seamus!!!!! ... hope you enjoyed the moment!

      Of course you know, don't you, that I'm all about freedom of choice, so I'm always hoping you're having a nice cycle time however you're doing it!!!!

      ... but I really do share your excitement at the thrilling pleasure of cycling to work (or wherever) 'sans helmet'!!!!