Friday, May 3, 2013

RACV- nice work if you can get it

(Images: 'CIM, Australia's leading business events magazine')

The RACV has resorts & hotels?

...the car insurance people?

...the roadside assistance people?

...the road safety people?

...the bike-share people?

Big Oil is in the business of running hotels as well as cars and bicycles?

- who knew?


  1. Once I rang the department of active and sustainable transport in Melbourne and asked questions about helmet law and its effect on people using bikes. They didnt want to answer and asked to confer and call back. They did that and their answer was that the helmet law was the result of a collaboration between the Department of justice, Vicroads, the TAC, and of all things, the RACV. Thats all they said.
    Why a motor insurance corporation and motorist lobby group though was involved suggested they wanted to avoid the European bike safety solutions, which were more infrastructure for bikes and more protective laws for cyclists. RACV is all about looking after the interests of drivers and usually gets everything it wants. In the RACV mag, Royalauto, the mentioned an intersection near here as up in the 6 worst in Victoria.
    This was unbeleivable. I knew the intersection well and it was busy only briefly at school pickup time. A few weeks later it had lights.

  2. Yes, Peter, I totally agree with you that the 'RACV is all about looking after the interests of drivers and usually get everything it wants'...

    ...and it would seem that their interests are quite expansive!!