Friday, October 5, 2012

Here we go again - academic 'ping-pong'

Call me cycnical, but you have to wonder if this isn't just a rebuttal kicking into action as a result of Saturday's upcoming national campaign launch of the Freestyle Cyclists

- no journo's name
- no study title


- is it an attempt to mitigate overwhelming interest in Freestyle Cyclists' coordinated community campaign?

- is the million-dollar helmet lobby scared?!



  1. This piece from a Murdoch rag is just more corporatist helmet propaganda masquerading as scientific reseach under a academic veil.

  2. There was this piece the day before that I saw in the Canberra Times...pure spin :(
    I think the forces of evil intend to match our attempts at positive publicity blow for blow

  3. Judging by other numbers I've seen from Australia, if the number of head injuries has been halved, that means the number of cyclists is about a quarter of what it used to be.

    They never talk about that side of the helmet laws, do they?

  4. Hello Sue, I hope your German's as good as your French. I just read this:

    It is one of the best and clearest articles I have read.

    It's in the April edition of the German publication "Fahrrad Zukunft" (Bicycle Future).

    1. Hello Edward, my german is hopeless (impressive re yours!), but I did manage to read it in google translate!!! - very interesting - why are so we inexplicably committed to bicycle helmet law?

    2. god my english reads like google translate - that should read: 'why are we so inexplicably...blah blah blah...'