Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"If you want to use our roads, you must obey the law"

Salutory article in the Sydney Morning Herald today confirms that the New South Wales government remains committed to helmet manufacturers and the oil industry.

With the media's help, it shouldn't be long before utility cycling is 'demonised' back into oblivion, and the 'sport of cycling' can reclaim their definition of this dangerous activity - you know that 'extreme pastime' that requires lycra, helmets, minimalist gloves and $1,000 bikes weighing in at an ounce

...but wait up! - let's hang on to the ground that we've made with our new utility bikes, and our new life-style ways, and insist that Sydney and Australia extend equitable entitlements to us - for 'congestion's' sake if nothing else!

Just an article of spin and so blatantly 'rubbish' - oh god! and to think Lars Rasmussen has invited Kevin Rudd to be a 'friend of the chair' in Copenhagen - what can our PM possibly say to the Danish PM that doesn't involve 'hot air'?


  1. Sue, welcome to the Blogosphere! As a former Sydney-sider who now lives in London I've been following your case as best as I can from over here with the help of Mike R and his films - just wanted to say a very big 'good luck' to you with the forthcoming appeal - I hope you have better luck with your judge and I hope the cycling advocacy campaigners are firmly on your side too.

    Next step is to blow your fight (or the theory behind it all) out there into the mainstream and get the Government to act - until the theory is out there in a forum nothing is going to happen - but you've definitely started the ball (bike?) rolling!

    Good luck and keep us all up to date,

    All the best,

    i b i k e l o n d o n

    PS Have added a link to your blog from the story I ran about you which is here:

  2. Best of luck with your appeal Sue. A recent South Australian authority on the defence of necessity is Bayley v Police [2007] SASC 411. It may or may not be helpful to you.

  3. hello mark and nick
    thanks for your welcome and your luck!!

    In addition, guys: thank you for adding me to your blog, mark, i really enjoy reading it, and in a former life used to love cycling in london for the years that i lived there

    - and nick, thank you for the bayley case - it is helpful! - as luck would have it i was an assisant to a barrister last week and he amazingly will be in the east maitland district court on monday and is going to mention my matter as my 'amicus curiae'- phew! i don't know how we'll go seeking leave to introduce fresh evidence but i'll give it my best shot!!!