Friday, January 18, 2013

Chile: a 'no helmet-law' country

(Photos: Georgie Abbott, San Pedro de Atacama)

A peep at other countries quickly reveals that in terms of making the everyday activity of using a bicycle an extreme event, Australia is pretty much unique.

In fact I think we could pretty much take it as a given that if asked about their bicycles most nations would, at worst, not consider them at all, and, at best, consider them:

✌ humdrum,
✌ kinda useful,
✌ certainly safe enough not to require protective head gear Australian governments' compel Australians to wear

Oh yawn, Australia...WHY ARE WE SO BLOODY BORING?!


  1. Boring? I disagree.
    Australia leads the world in the field of comedic legislation. Show me another country with a set of national road rules which state in the preamble that the rules have no legislative force.

    I'm sure many of those involved in Australian legislation have gone on to great careers in comedy. I don't have a tv so just because I've never heard of them doesn't mean they are not great entertainers.
    Few other countries understand Australian humour. Chile doesn't as you point out above. Discounting Australia's mini me, NZ, as mere copycats there are only a few local governments around the world, also mere copycats, and a couple of actual countries (eg Israel) who have copied us, then got the joke and repealed the law.
    Suddenly, a challenger appears. The great nation of Guam has shown great wit by introducing MHL for cyclists having previously repealed MHL for motor cyclists. Good effort Guam. Join us on
    They have some way to go though to reach the comedy heights that my favourite, South Australia, is capable of. One of their best is this from Road Traffic (Miscellaneous) Regulations 1999

    (6) Despite the other provisions of this regulation and the Australian Road Rules, a helmet
    approved for bicycle riders may be used by a passenger on a motor bike who is under
    6 years old and may be sold, or offered for sale, for such use.

    So if you are finding Australia boring it just means you need to read more legislation.

    1. Steve! - you're hilarious!!!! - & ok I'll do just that!