Wednesday, January 9, 2013

'Anything you can do, helmets can do better'

"Where's your helmet? Don't you like your brain?"

No kidding!!!... a dinky-di australian accent, this was called out to me yesterday on the Dave Murray Dowhnhill!!

- did I know them?

- did they know me?



  1. Wow... we really are an arrogant bunch, huh? WTF is with Australians an their kool-aid obession?

  2. I've decided to take a zero tolerance approach against these self-righteous bullies from now on. Make them feel uncomfortable once and they may stop doing it to other people.

  3. My favorite reply to "Where's your helmet?" that I've ever heard some one come back with is, "Where are you manners?"

    An alternate version I've thought of using is "Must have left it next to your manners...."

    Or, maybe I'll just ignore them. As they say, a waste is a terrible thing to mind.

  4. Yeah and those annoying "Where's your bell" wonks