Wednesday, September 21, 2011


(Photos: Carolyn Curnow, Canberra, & yours truly)

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
The Canberra Punk Commute couldn't have been a more perfect boutique protest ...& the weather couldn't have been more clement...

...and who can ever resist 'tiptoeing through the tulips?' - certainly not us as we did a quick little detour prior to our Legislative Assembly rendez-vous

Always a pleasure to be with one of cycling's greats - Bill Curnow, the indefatigable president of the Cyclists Rights Action Group

...& wonderful opportunity for some of the far & wide CRAG members to meet face-to-face,...

...share campaign stories...

...& thoroughly enjoy each other's company

Good to meet The Hon. John Hargreaves (the 'yellow-enveloped-suited-guy') who made a supreme effort to do so despite back-to-back meetings - always useful to have 'a' moment with those who change the law!!!

And so the speeches began...

$$$ it's not lost on us that we're the 'counter-culture' ones, eschewing our cars when possible & using our bikes for transport instead
$$$ helmet safety claims are unsubstantiated, misleading, deceptive, inaccurate, non-specific, not in the public interest
$$$ twenty years on & the world continues to shy away from enacting equivalent catastrophic legislation now we had been joined by the Speaker of the House, The Hon. Shane Rattenbury

...who generously addressed us publicly with tales of:

* his 5 years in the Netherlands using a bicycle for transport in a typically unhelmeted Dutch manner
* the Greens commitment to sustainable transport
* their interest in the helmet law debate and their willingness to consider all arguments

...he then very generously made himself available for us to chat to individually, & at length - good stuff!!!

Bill's 'seasoned' campaign placard:


Australian Capital Territory (ACT) motor-bike police...

...just checking our intended route to the big PH

Getting there Ottawa style - coolly & stylishly

"Look, mum!!! We made it!!!!"

Australian Federal Bicycle Police just checking who we are - anybody????

And when the member for Hunter was a no-show, The Magnificent James Grieve delivered a most marvellous dissertation on Hunter Reds anyway!!

Adieu until next time! - dispersing by bicycle...

...& by bus!!!!

Next stop: ADELAIDE!!!! - funtimes!!!


  1. Well done Sue, apologies for not being able to get there. What a perfect day also weather wise.

  2. Well done Sue
    Great photos and a good effort.

  3. Excellent stuff Sue. That really does look like a perfect day for it! Poor old Melb didn't put on nearly as nice a day as that.
    Loving Bill's placard.
    Also, did you hear about the nasty magpie attack on a little boy cyclist?

    Quite possibly due to it being attracted to his helmet, although the article makes no mention of that.

    Kindest regards,
    Jason (formerly of Tas)

  4. Martin, we missed you!!! - Canberra was amazing - weather stunning (next time hopefully we'll 'rendez-vous'!)

    Thanks, Harvey! Such fun & brilliant camaraderie - come with us next time!!!

    Melbourne was still fun though, Jason!!! - & re magpie attack, what a hysterical report - total 'groan' material - and you're right, no doubt the kid would've been wearing a helmet!!!