Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'You've got mail' - developments on Victim Compensation Levy

(Aaaaahhh - 2 of my kiddies leaving 'the Courty' last night!!

...& today's reality, 2 pieces of correspondence:

(1) letter from NSW Attorney General's Department detailing that my 'objection' to unnecessary arbitrary tax is currently under review - will keep me posted,

...in addition to

(2) pink enforcement order from State Debt Recovery Office detailing that unnecessary arbitrary tax is exponentially growing & that I'm to pay poste haste - $117 now!!!

...sigh! & all because I was getting some milk!!! - woooo! risky activity - naughty me!


  1. If they do find a "victim" of your lack of wearing a polystyrene hat, and decide to claim the compensation for that victim, do let us know. I expect between several of us we can find the money!

  2. ha! ha! that is too too kind!!!!

    - notwithstanding, I have every intention of objecting to this 'arbitrary tax' for as long as it takes!!