Friday, August 19, 2011

Young Australian bicycle-user standing up for civil liberties

Come Monday 29th August, Baby no. 2 will head to a Sydney court to mention her matter for the crime of riding a bicycle without a helmet.

She too believes that civil liberties ought not to be so easily waived, and she too believes that an evidence based approach should always have primacy over commercial faith-based ones.

The obsolescent Australian mandatory bicycle helmet laws have done nothing for us in terms of health, safety, transport, congestion or tourism...

...& in terms of silliness, could even be said to rival the UK legislative prohibition of eating of Mince Pies on Christmas Day - though least the Brits recognise how daft that ban is!!!!!


  1. All the best for next Monday. Its always encouraging to see that its not just cantankerous old f***s like me who get outraged at being told how to dress to ride a bike. Go Pippa!

  2. very big respect and the best of luck! we need more people like you to stand up to this outrageous law!