Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Nation that stopped being itself

And so it was in a faraway land called Oz, they continued upon their quest for the Total Safety Elixir with strategies that could only ever provide delusion & disappointment...

"Mandatory ski helmets coming to an Aussie Resort near you next season!"

WTF! I want to live in a 'grown-up' country' that steers clear of hysteria & doctors when making policy decisions!

Whilst Baby no. 1 might like to don a helmet on occasion, I certainly would not & I cannot for the life of me see why I should be coralled into a dress code that benefits corporations & defence contractors in the name of safety and so-called common sense grrrr!


  1. Sue,

    Is that for real !!!

    I seriously can't believe it. It could decimate the industry.
    Personally I'm a cross country skier, and I can't believe they mean us. I'm in shock.

    What a truly stupid country we are.

  2. We're nothing if not consistent. Pedestrians and motorists should be next.

  3. Hmm.

    Sue, have a look at at the date at the bottom of the article. The original is here:

    An Editor's note says, "After noting the date of this article further discussion on this topic can be found in our forums".

    Maybe nobody realised 20 years ago that bicycle helmet laws were an April fools joke.

  4. Edward, I independently had just the same thought out in the garden and rushed in to check the date.

    I've been storming around the house all afternoon getting into a complete fury like the grumpy middle aged woman that I am and decided to get rid of some steam in the garden when I realised that it had an April date....

  5. It's a joke... it must be. Dr Richard Kopf... That would be Dr Dick "Head" wouldn't it? :)

  6. Weird. So why aren't bicycle helmet laws an April fools joke? Maybe they are.

  7. ...guys! absolutely! - I'm with you 100% & utterly disillusioned - why do we as a nation love to run with all this 'april tomfoolery' - & Edward, the 'forums' make for interesting reading... ( just come back from one of my 'unsponsored' CME conferences, unbelieveably, ski helmets were actually a topic of one of the sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - and apparently a register is being kept in Victoria which already 'proves' that ski-helmets make us all safer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

  8. maybe 'wacky' ideas start as April Fool's Day jokes in a bid to test the 'commercial waters' & then they run from there depending on the level of outrage in the community reaction...

  9. Yes, there is often degree of truth behind such 'jokes'... and it gives some people silly ideas.