Saturday, August 6, 2011

Illegal 'aussie' wind in hair

(Photos: Rasmus Fielder, Melbourne)

Legally protesting the lack of legal opportunity for wind in hair whilst illegally enjoying the illegal opportunity anyway!!!

Com’on, aussie, com’on com’on

Israel’s done it – what’s keeping us?


  1. I like this photo. Good action shot, to contrast with most bicycle photography , where the bike is not being ridden.

    A number of people saw us on the channel 7 and channel 9 news. I missed it as I was in transit but I think it was generally favourable.

    Last night a complete stranger stopped me at the local pool to tell me he'd seen me on the news and to ask me what it was all about. He's a supporter now.

    So every little bit of publicity helps. Slowly the word is getting out. But deafening silence from our lawmakers. Don't know whether they are at the 'ignore' or 'fight' stage of dealing with us , before we win.

    Someone on the other side advised me not to draw any conclusions from the lack of Police attention !! Helpful advice ( sarcasm intended)

  2. Kathy! - we are definitely getting somewhere & we are definitely making in-roads - very exciting.

    Do you have any links to the footage on channel 7 & 9? - I'd love to 'link' it into the blog!!!

    ...& I 'draw plenty of conclusions' into the police not being there!!! - they were fully informed of our where-abouts and of the nature of the protest xx

  3. Sorry Sue,

    At this stage my IT skills are not up to links to TV footage. I'll ask my kids how to do it.

    Maybe there's someone reading this who knows how to get it.

    News 6.00 channel 7 and 9 in Melbourne, Saturday July 30.

  4. Sue, that link doesn't link to the Israel story. Do you have the correct one on hand?

  5. Whoopsie & thanks, Paul!!! - Jerusalem Post link now connected!!!! x

  6. there's the article ('Israel amends law forcing adult cyclists to wear helmets by Judy Siegel-Itzkovich' abstract) in the BMJ, but I can't get the full text because I don't have 'member' privileges!!! - you might though!!!!

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