Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Australian Media & Darling Politicians


Bells, bicycles & peaceful transport!

Q. Why has the latter flopped in Australia? a nutshell...

A. Bicycle helmet law & promotion!

Ignore shrill protestations trotted out by bicycle helmet promoters, politicians, car & bicycle clubs!!! – bicycle helmet law & bicycle helmet promotion are the reasons...

...& Australians are not happy!

This Wednesday 21st September 2011, a small group of 'Punk Commuters' are taking to the Canberra streets to peacefully protest about our crippling helmet regulation.

Starting at Civic Square right next to the Statue of Ethos (12:30pm sharp) & close to ACT Legislative Assembly, the bicycle plan is to cycle in a peaceful 'protest-erly' manner along to Parliament House for the distance of roughly 3kms. There'll be megaphones & speeches, & of course there'll be plenty of 'ringing of bells,' peacefully – maybe there’ll even be a pollie or 2?!

Yes! on Wednesday, peaceful transport is going to get the love it deserves ♥ ♥ ♥

...& needless to mention, everyone will decide their hat-wear options!

Our democracy, our rules - let's urge Australian politicians to ‘once again’ recognise cyclists' right to choose whether to helmet or not!!

...& watch us as we briefly reclaim the Canberra Streets!

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