Thursday, September 1, 2011

Austroads & Australian road transport

(Photos: image, Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 2011)

The purpose of the latest study handed down by 'Big Oil', was to 'set a baseline' against which to evaluate performance' towards their target of 'doubling cycling participation in Australia between 2011 & 2016'...

...oh golly gosh!!!! surely we can be more ambitious than that??!!!! - doubling what we currently have here in Australia can hardly be considered an exciting, ground breaking, sustainable transporty goal from 'Austroads' - almost smacks of containment...

- as does lumping 'cycling participation' and 'cycling travel' all into one basket because cycling-participation-survey respondents would 'be unable to accurately recall all their cycling travel over a one week period' - tum-ti-tum!!! - what a bunch of numpties Big Oil seems to think we are!!!!

Notwithstanding any of the above, there's no hiding the result that partial revocation of helmet laws in the Northern Territory has drastically improved Territorians' 'cycling everything' (my italics!!)

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