Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let me show you Sydney

Yesterday with Baby no. 1 et notre amie de Biarritz, we explored 'key' city spots;

♥ commencing with cafe lattes at Luxe to dodge playful Sydney shower

♥ coasting down Glebe Point Road dappled in beautiful winter sun with freshly washed look

♥ mozzying around Black Wattle Bay, Pirrama, the wharves, Darling Harbour, Sydney Theatre Company, the Rocks

♥ lunching at Circular Quay's Oyster Bar

♥ returning home via Macquarie Street, Hyde Park, College Street, Oxford Street, Taylor Square

♥ with quick little stop at Bourke Street Bakery for ginger brulee and coffee

...& brilliantly, our 'heaven on bicycles' was blissfully enhanced by friendly accommodating Sydney motorists!

Aaaahh oui! - la vie est belle!!!!

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